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Congratulations to ISP faculty Dr. Peter Brusilovksy for NSF Funding

ISP faulty Dr. Peter Brusilovksy has been awarded NSF grant under the program "Cyberlearn And Future Learn Tech" for project titled 'Collaborative Research: CSEdPad: Investigating and Scaffolding Students' Mental Models during Computer Programming Tasks to Improve Learning, Engagement, and Retention'

Congratulations ISP Faculty for receiving Google Faculty Research Award

Congratulations to ISP Faculty Dr. Adriana Kovashka for receiving Faculty Research Awards

Congratulations ISP Alumni for hosting AIED 2020

Congratulations!! Violetta Cavalli Sforza (Alumni, 1998) will be the Local Arrangements Chair and Bruce McLaren (Alumni, 1999) will be the General Co-Chair for AIED 2020 (International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education) in Ifrane, Morocco.

Congratulations to ISP director Dr. Diane Litman for NSF Funding

ISP director Dr. Diane Litman along with Dr. Amanda Godley  from School of Education has been awarded NSF grant under the program "Cyberlearn And Future Learn Tech" for project titled EAGER: Discussion Tracker: Development of Human Language Technologies Collaborative Argumentation in High School English Classrooms 

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Congratulations for DARPA funding

ISP faculties Dr. Yu Ru Lin and Dr. Rebecca Hwa, have been awarded a DARPA/US DoD grant under the program "Understanding Group Biases (UGB)" for the project titled: "TRIBAL: A
Tripartite Model for Group Bias Analytics"

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