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August 28 2019
ISP's yearly newsletter

ISP's yearly newsletter is now out with updates on ISP's new director, new faculty members, upcoming East Coast Industry Forum (ECIF) event, and many other accomplishments:

July 30 2019
Congratulations ISP faculties and ISP student on their Pitt Cyber Accelerator Grants (PCAG).

Congratulations to Drs. Kevin Ashley and Rosta Farzan and ISP student Jaromir Savelka on their accepted PCAG. The PCAG grants provide initial funding for novel and innovative projects on the critical questions of networks, data, and algorithms, with a focus on the ever-changing gaps among law, policy, and technology. Dr. Ashely and Jaromir Savelka got the PCAG grant for their ‘Annotating Cases for Learning to Summarize’ project. ‘Fighting Cyberbullying:  A Transformative and Educational Game for Promoting Empathic Understanding’ is Dr. Farzan and her colleagues’ contribution that has granted the by PCAG funding.

July 07 2019
Congratulations ISP alumni and faculty on receiving the ACL Test-of-Time award (10 years).

Congratulations to PhD alumni Theresa Wilson, MS alumni Paul Hoffmann, and family and friends of Prof. Jan Wiebe for receiving the recent ACL Test-of-Time award (10 years) for their paper: “Recognizing Contextual Polarity: An Exploration of Features for Phrase-Level Sentiment Analysis”

The ACL Test-of-Time Award (10 years) recognizes the authors of an influential paper or series of papers published between ten years ago that has significantly impacted research or applications of NLP field.

If you are attending the ACL 2019 (, make sure to stop by the session planned for honoring these ISP family members in the LTA session of the conference. The ToT portion of the award session will take place on Tuesday July 30 at 3:50 p.m.

July 07 2019
Congratulations ISP alumni and ISP faculty for being nominated for the 2019 AMIA Doctoral Dissertation Award

Congratulations ISP alumni Dr. Ye Ye, and our ISP faculty Dr. Fuchiang (Rich) Tsui for being nominated for the AMIA Doctoral Dissertation Award. The AMIA Doctoral Dissertation Award nominates and offers high-value and prestigious recognition for the doctoral dissertations that contributes to the science of informatics. Ye’s dissertation, “Transfer Learning for Bayesian Case Detection Systems”, has attained the fifth place and been highlighted and honored on the AMIA web pages:

July 07 2019
Congratulations ISP faculty on being elected chair of ACM Sigweb.

Congratulations to ISP faculty, Prof. Peter Brusilovsky on being elected chair of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Sigweb, a special interest group on hypertext and the web. Learn more about them here:

April 08 2019
Book by ISP founding Co-Director and Professor Emiritus Alan Lesgold's

ISP founding Co-Director and Professor Emeritus Alan Lesgold's new book "Learning for the Age of Artificial Intelligence" presents ideas about how education needs to change in the age of smart machines.

For more information please refer to his blog:

The book is available on Amazon:

April 03 2019
Provost Predoctoral Fellowships

Two ISP students won the Provost Predoctoral Fellowships for 2019-2020:

The Provost Predoctoral Fellowships are offered by the University of Pittsburgh to students in many graduate programs. Typically, ISP students are nominated to apply for the Provost Predoctoral Fellowships after their second year of graduate study. 

March 29 2019
Meet incoming ISP student Anthony Sicilia

Meet incoming ISP Student Anthony Sicilia presenting his work at an ongoing event @theACC meeting of Minds. Anthony will be joining ISP this fall and is passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Basket Ball.

If you are attending the @theACC meeting of the minds for undergraduate research make sure to stop by Anthony's ( @asicil96 ) timely #MarchMadness talk about #DeepLearning and #basketball representing @SciPitt @PittTweet #DeepHoops details of the same can be found in this paper:

More information about the event and talk at:
March 22 2019
Congratulations ISP Faculty for receiving AMiner's Most Influential Scholar Award!

Congratulations ISP Faculty Prof. Peter Brusilovsky for receiving AMiner's Most Influential Scholar Award! His contributions on the subject of recommender systems have been recognized as some of the most-cited research in the field.
"Top 10 Most Influential Scholars - Recommendation System Field"

March 12 2019
A tribute to Prof. Jan Wiebe from her NLP family

A tribute to Prof. Jan Wiebe from her NLP family - NAACL-HLT 2019

click here to know more

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