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January 28 2019
Congratulations to ISP Faculty Dr. Kovashka for Amazon Research Award

Congratulations to ISP Faculty Adriana Kovashka on being selected for an Amazon Research Award! Her proposal "Functional objects: How objects foreshadow film plots and explain advertisements" has been chosen to receive funding.

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January 24 2019
Congratulations ISP Faculty Dr. Lin for funding from Adobe Research

Congratulations ISP Faculty Dr. Yu-Ru Lin recently received funding from Adobe Research to support her work in data science and computational social science. The funding will provide the resources to help Dr. Lin and her team to investigate research topics including visualization for interpretable artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques for understanding human social behavioral patterns and outcomes. This gift will also help build and strengthen the collaboration between Adobe Research and School of Computing and Information at Pitt.

December 20 2018
Remembering Professor Janyce Wiebe

It is with great sadness that we announce the December 10 passing of Professor Janyce Wiebe, CS/ISP faculty since 2000 and ISP (Co-)Director between 2002-2016.  Professional and family announcements can be found at the following links:

December 07 2018
Congratulations to three ISP faculty members for their Pitt Innovator awards from the University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute

Congratulations to three ISP faculty members for their Pitt Innovator awards from the University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute - Professors Gregory F. Cooper, Vanathi Gopalakrishnan, and Xinghua Lu

The Pitt Innovator Awards are given to faculty or students who submit invention disclosures to the University via the Innovation Institute, that have resulted in licensing or optioning deals. These deals provide funding to teams for developing prototypes that can subsequently be validated and commercialized through entrepreneurship. 

December 07 2018
Congratulations ISP Faculty member for receiving Pitt Cyber Accelerator Grants

Congratulations ISP Faculty member  Dr. Kevin Ashley and ISP student Jaromir Savelka for receiving Pitt Cyber Accelerator Grants for project title: "Annotating Machine Learning Data for Interpreting Cyber-Crime Statutes"

Pitt Cyber Accelerator Grants (PCAG) provide initial funding for novel and innovative projects that advance Pitt Cyber’s mission: to bring the breadth of one of the world’s leading public research universities to bear on the critical questions of networks, data, and algorithms, with a focus on the ever-changing gaps among law, policy, and technology.

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November 06 2018
ISP Faculties' and student's publication featured in the Year-In-Review session at AMIA

Congratulations to ISP Faculties Drs. Wiebe, Dr. Hwa and Dr. Hochheiser and ISP student Gaurav Trivedi, for their NLPReViz Paper was featured in the Year-In-Review session at AMIA this year

October 11 2018
Congratulations ISP Faculty Dr. Shandong Wu
Congratulations to ISP Faculty Dr. Shandong Wu for recent publication got coverage in media
Sarah S. AboutalibAly A. MohamedWendie A. BergMargarita L. ZuleyJules H. Sumkin and Shandong Wu, "Deep Learning to Distinguish Recalled but Benign Mammography Images in Breast Cancer Screening" Clinical Cancer Research, Oct 2018.

AACR newsroom: 

Other media coverage:

October 10 2018
Congratulations to ISP Faculty Dr. Diane Litman and Dr. Yuru Lin


Dr. Diane Litman and Dr. Yuru Lin got a mention in the list of 39 women amazing researchers in computational social science. Congratulations to  ISP@SCI. It's great news that we have two women selected on the list from our school!


September 18 2018
Congratulations! ISP faculty Dr. Rosta Farzan to receive an NSF grant

Congratulations ! ISP faculty Dr. Rosta Farzan to receive an NSF grant for the project: "SaTC: CORE: Small: Collaborative: Tangible Privacy: User-Centric Sensor Designs for Assured Privacy" along with SCI faculty Dr. Adam Lee.

Also got an honorable mention in Pitt Accolades click here

September 03 2018
Congratulations to ISP director Dr. Diane Litman for research grant from Institute of Education Sciences

ISP director Dr. Diane Litman has been awarded a research grant from the Institute of Education Sciences to study undergraduate STEM education.

With colleagues Dr. Muhsin Menekse and Dr. Ala Samarapungavan of Purdue University, Dr. Litman will pursue research titled “Enhancing Undergraduate STEM Education by Integrating Mobile Learning Technologies with Natural Language Processing.”

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