All ISP alumni by their graduation year.


Jonathan Young, PhD
Dissertation: Deep Learning for Causal Structure Learning Applied to Cancer Pathway Discovery

Jaromir Savelka, PhD
Dissertation: Discovering Sentences for Argumentation About Meaning of Statutory Terms


Jeya Balaji Balasubramanian, PhD
Dissertation: Bayesian rule learning for knowledge discovery

Zahra Rahimi, PhD
Dissertation: Linguistic Entrainment in Multi-party Spoken Dialogues  

Gaurav Trivedi, PhD
Dissertation: Interactive Natural Language Processing for Clinical Text


Ye Ye, PhD
Dissertation: Transfer Learning for Bayesian Case Detection Systems

Roya Hosseini, PhD
Dissertation: Program Construction Examples in Computer Science Education: From Static Text to Adaptive and Engaging Learning Technology

Yun Huang, PhD
Dissertation: Learner Modeling for Integration Skills in Programming

Saman Amirpour Amraii, PhD
Dissertation: Human-data Interaction In Large And High-dimensional Data

Homa Baradaran Hashemi, PhD
Dissertation: Robust Parsing for Ungrammatical Sentences


Mahdi Pakdaman Naeini, PhD
Dissertation: Obtaining Accurate Probabilities using Classifier Calibration

Phillip Walker, PhD
Dissertation: Improving Operator Recognition and Prediction of Emergent Swarm Behaviors


Ian (An Kwok) Wong, PhD
Dissertation: Biomarker Discovery in Exome Data

Lingjia Deng, PhD
Dissertation: Entity/Event-Level Sentiment Detection And Inference

Matthias Grabmair, PhD
Dissertation: Modeling Purposive Legal Argumentation and Case Outcome Prediction using Argument Schemes in the Value Judgment Formalism

Shaghayegh (Sherry) Sahebi, PhD
Dissertation: Canonical Correlation Analysis in Cross-Domain Recommendation


Cem Akkaya, PhD
Dissertation: Subjectivity Word Sense Disambiguation: A Method for Sense-Aware Subjectivity Analysis

Collin Lynch, PhD
Dissertation: The Diagnosticity of Argument Diagrams

Matthew Stokes, PhD
Dissertation: Novel Extensions of Label Propagation for Biomarker Discovery in Genomic Data

Yuriy Sverchkov, PhD
Dissertation: Detection and Explanation of Statistical Differences Across a Pair of Groups


Eric Williams, PhD
Dissertation: Automated Detection of Anomalous Patterns in Validation Scores for Protein X-Ray Structure Models

Lanfei Shi, MS

Saeed Amizadeh, PhD
Dissertation: Non-Parametric Graph-Based Methods for Large Scale Problems


Jeremy Espino, MS

Jialan Que, PhD
Dissertation: Rank-Based Tempo-Spatial Clustering: A Framework for Rapid Outbreak Detection using Single or Multiple Data Streams

Seshan Ananthasubramanian, MS


Ilya Goldin, PhD
Dissertation: A Focus on Content: The Use of Rubrics in Peer Review to Guide Students and Instructors

Richard Pelikan, PhD
Dissertation: Analytical Techniques for the Improvement of Mass Spectrometry Protein Profiling

Sung-Young Jung, PhD
Dissertation: Using Natural Language as Knowledge Representation in an Intelligent Tutoring System


Arthur Ward, PhD
Dissertation: Reflection and Learning Robustness in a Natural Language Conceptual Physics Tutoring System

Behrang Mohit, PhD
Dissertation: Locating and Reducing Translation Difficulty

Michael Ringenberg, MS
Master’s Thesis: Scaffolding Problem Solving with Embedded Examples to Promote Deep Learning

Philip Ganchev, PhD
Dissertation: Transfer rule learning for biomarker discovery and verification from related data sets

Thahir P. Mohamed, MS


Hua Ai, PhD
Dissertation: User Simulation for Spoken Dialog System Development

Min Chi, PhD
Dissertation: Do Micro-Level Tutorial Decisions Matter: Applying Reinforcement Learning To Induce Pedagogical Tutorial Tactics

Rosta Farzan, PhD
Dissertation: A Study of Social Navigation Support Under Different Situational and Personal Factors

Xiaohui (Javy) Kong, PhD
Dissertation: Roles of Visual Working Memory, Global Perception and Eye-Movement in Visual Complex Problem Solving

Yanna Shen, PhD
Dissertation: Bayesian Modeling of Anomalies Due to Known and Unknown Causes


Theresa Wilson, PhD
Dissertation: Fine-Grained Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis: Recognizing the Intensity, Polarity, and Attitudes of Private States


Aditya Nemlekar, MS

Shyam Visweswaran, PhD
Dissertation: Learning Patient-Specific Models From Clinical Data


Branislav Kveton, PhD
Dissertation: Planning in Hybrid Structured Stochastic Domains

Paul Hoffmann, MS.

Yuan, Changhe, PhD
Dissertation: Importance Sampling for Bayesian Networks: Principles, Algorithms, and Performance


Chas Murray, PhD
Dissertation: An evaluation of decision-theoretic tutorial action selection

Subramani Mani. PhD
Dissertation: A Bayesian Local Causal Discovery Framework


Gil Citro, PhD

Haiqin Wang, PhD
Dissertation: Building Bayesian Networks: Elicitation, Evaluation, and Learning

Noboru Matsuda, PhD
Dissertation: The Impact of Different Proof Strategies on Learning Geometry Theorem Proving

Wei Wang, MS


Changwon Yoo, PhD

Daniel Hennessy, PhD

Denver Dash, PhD

Jun Zhang, MS

Lili Ma, MS

Mehmet Kayaalp, PhD

Tsai-Ching Lu, PhD
Dissertation: Construction and Utilization of Mechanism-based Causal Models


Amy Soller, PhD

Ravi Desai, MS


Gerardina Hernandez, PhD

Ioannis Tsamardinos, PhD


Giuseppe Carenini, PhD
Dissertation: Generating and Evaluating Evaluative Arguments

Pam Jordan, PhD
Dissertation: Intentional Influences on Object Redescriptions in Dialogue: Evidence from an Empirical Study

Richard Ambrosino, PhD

Sailesh Ramakrishnan, MS


Benoit Desjardins, MS

Bruce McLaren, PhD
Dissertation: Assessing the Relevance of Cases and Principles Using Operationalization Techniques

Cristina Conati, PhD

Patricia Albacete, PhD

Stefano Monti, PhD

William Hogan, MS


Constantin Aliferis, PhD

Massimo Paolucci, MS

Violetta Cavalli-Sforza, PhD
Dissertation: Constructed vs. Received Graphical Representations For Learning About Scientific Controversy: Implications For Learning And Coaching


Anthony Harris, PhD

R. Michael Young, PhD

Vincent Aleven, PhD


David Joslin, PhD

Thomas Spalthoff, MS


Jonathan Rubin , MS

Michael Wagner, PhD

Yagil Ronen, MS


Anandeep Pannu (Pannu), MS

Arthur DeCillis, MS


Anoosh (Anooshiravan) Katibshahidi, PhD

John Aronis, PhD

Sigalit Ur, MS


Steve Casner, PhD


Jeffrey Sullivan, MS

Barry Blumenfeld, MS

Charles Webster, MS

Donald Freeman

Han Teng, MS

Jozsef Toth

Shuguang Wang, MS