Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Educational Technology Group

Members of the Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Educational Technology group have created a number of well-known tutoring systems in several fields of science.  These researchers also are exploring various areas of community-based systems such as digital libraries and adaptive Web systems.

Researchers in this group focus on several different areas, including:

  • Improving models for case-based reasoning systems and their development and application. Examples include introducing better models for case-based argumentation; bootstrapping case-based development by using annotated case summaries and integrating background knowledge; and studying how cases can bridge the gap between abstract rules and real-life problem situations within a Professional Ethics Tutoring Environment.
  • Exploring, through the Personalized Adaptive Web Systems Lab, innovative user- and group-adaptive technologies, systems, and architectures. The lab has developed and evaluated a range for adaptive Web-based educational systems for Java and C programming, databases, information retrieval, and human-computer interaction.
  • Wedding spoken-language technology with instructional technology in order to promote learning gains by enhancing communication richness. 
  • Focusing on design-based learning, the neuroscience of learning, peer instruction, innovative cognition, science education, and spatial-problem solving.

Primary Faculty