Financial Aid

ISP students may apply for financial aid through the program as well as financial assistance through the School of Computing and Information.

ISP students also are encouraged to apply for travel-expenses reimbursement for AI-related conferences.

Gaining admission to the Intelligent Systems Program is a separate process from receiving financial aid. But once a candidate is admitted to ISP, we will make every effort to identify a source of financial aid.

Financial support for ISP students is available through a number of sources:

  • The Provost Predoctoral Fellowships are offered by the University of Pittsburgh to students in many graduate programs. This award is very competitive. Typically, ISP students are nominated to apply for the Provost Predoctoral Fellowships after their second year of graduate study. Awards are made in early March.

  • A limited number of School of Computing and Information Predoctoral Fellowships are offered by ISP for the fall and spring terms. Incoming students are automatically considered for the School of Computing and Information Predoctoral Fellowship. Two GSA Fellowships are available during the summer term. These are awarded competitively; decisions on such support for the fall term are made by a committee of program faculty members, usually in February or early March. No special application is necessary for these awards.

  • A number of Graduate Research Awards are available through sponsored research projects administered by program faculty members; award decisions are usually made by the principal investigator, in consultation with the program.

  • ISP applicants who have earned MDs and are citizens or permanent residents of the United States are eligible for support through a training grant to the Center for Biomedical Informatics, and can get information at the DBMI Training Program.

  • Many forms of external support are available to graduate students through the Fulbright Awards Program, the National Science Foundation, and other sources of support. If you think you might qualify for such an award, we encourage you to do so—not just for admission to the University of Pittsburgh, but to increase your flexibility in choosing a graduate school and to obtain a form of recognition that will be a noteworthy addition to your career record.