Degree Requirements

Previous regulations: Pre-20042004-2013, 2013-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018

The degree requirements described here are subject to change by the ISP faculty. A student has the option of meeting all of the requirements in effect when he or she entered the ISP or meeting all of the prevailing requirements of the program. Please check here periodically for changes and speak to your adviser or the ISP director if you have any questions about degree requirements or related issues.

To earn the Master of Science (MS) degree in the ISP, a student must successfully complete all of the following:

To earn the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in the ISP, a student must successfully complete all of the following:

The student's adviser must be a member of the ISP faculty. Note that each new student is initially assigned an administrative adviser. A student's administrative adviser will not necessarily be the student's MS or PhD adviser.

To obtain a degree, a student must also be in good standing and at full student status (not provisional). To remain in good standing, a student must make sufficient progress on their degree requirements, and also attend all but two (2) of the scheduled AI Forum talks per term and sign in so they get credit.  Failure to meet this requirement will affect application for Andrew Mellon Fellowship candidacy, School of Computing and Information funding candidacy, summer GSA funding, ISP Travel Grants and similar funding.  In case of extenuating circumstances, the student should communicate the possible absence to the ISP director and administrator.