ISP Secondary Faculty Appointment

How to Apply for the ISP Secondary Faculty Appointment

Faculty with a primary appointment in any department within the University of Pittsburgh, with graduate faculty status, and a research focus in AI methods or applications, are welcomed to apply for a secondary appointment in the ISP. The process to apply for a secondary appointment includes giving a talk at our Friday 12:30-1:30 seminar series. In addition, you will need to send a CV and a statement about why you would like to join the ISP. In your statement, please include whether you also teach any courses that would be of interest to our ISP students, along with research interests and fit with the ISP and its faculty. Please send your CV and statement of interest to the current ISP director, Peter Brusilovsky. Please schedule the talk with Michele Thomas.

When you will know of your outcome

The ISP faculty will discuss and vote on the appointment at an ISP faculty meeting either in the Fall or Spring semester, based on the CV, statement, and talk. After which, ISP administrators will inform you of the outcome.